Why saras6?

Have you ever wasted your whole day just going to the grocery store?

Sure going to the shop to pick up goods you need and like is fun every once in a while but let's face it most of the time you have better things to do. Your time off is precious and wasting most of it just to get food and other goods is a shame. Let SARAS6.COM help you have more free time with the ones you love.

Have you ever actually been to a big grocery store on a weekend?

We really do love both big grocery store , we truly do. However going there on the weekend is enough to make even a patient person boil over with anger and frustration. It takes forever to get a parking spot, there are people constantly in your way, screaming kids running everywhere....basically it's a nightmare that is almost guaranteed to be unpleasurable. Don't ruin a perfectly good weekend/day off. Let SARAS6 do the dirty work for you!

SARAS6 = BIG GROCERY STORE, delivered to your door­­step anywhere in NCR.

SARAS6 is INDIA trusted source for great products at great prices with the absolute best service anywhere. We absolutely love what we do and we hope you do, too. If you're new to the site, here are some of the things that we think you'll love most:

The Absolute Best Customer Service.

Amazing! Customer Service

Over 80% of our customers rate our service as Amazing! Not good, not excellent, but Amazing! Truth be told, though, we think that rate should be even higher and are working to make 100% of you absolutely, positively thrilled each and every time you visit us.

Friendly & Accessible Staff

Got a question? Never shopped online before? No worries. Just give us a shout anytime and we'll do our best to help you in any way we can. We're accesible by phone and are checking our mail pretty much all the rest of the time. Don't be shy, let us know how we can help!

Great Products at Great Prices

We offer over 1500 products and are busy adding new products every week. And we proudly stand by our prices on everything we sell. If you don't see what you're looking for give us a shout and let us know. Think something is over­priced? Let us know. We're here for you and we love to hear your thoughts.

Unbelievably Awesome Shipping Rates & Delivery Speed

₹40 per order if it comes under ₹399. Anywhere in Noida ,Greater Noida, Ghaziabad (Crossing Republik) We believe in keeping things simple and affordable in every way and shipping is no different. No penalty charges to ship Chilled or Frozen items. When we say ₹40 per order, that's exactly what we mean. Ordering a a box of refrigerated meats & cheeses? Still only ₹40.

Next Day Delivery

If you're like us, you usually can't wait to receive all the goodies you've ordered. So why wait?

Order before noon on weekdays and you can have your order as quickly as the next morning. On

Fridays the deadline moves back to 13:00!

Free Shipping on orders over ₹399

In the mood to place a big order? Then we're in the mood to pay your shipping charges for you!

That's right, order ₹399 worth of your favorite foods and goods and you don't have to pay for a single box.

A Little Bit of Love in Every Order

And most importantly, you can trust that everything you order will be packed with a tremendous amount of love and pride. Making customers happy is our business and that begins and ends with perfect packing and a personal touch. And, of course, saras6.com is Safe, Secure & Easy to Use Secure Processing of All Major Credit Cards.

Protecting your identity and your personal information is a priority for us in every way. In in order to offer the highest level of protection possible we are proud to use PayPal to process all credit card transactions. Websites don't get much more trustworthy and secure than PayPal and that gives us great peace of mind. No Hidden Fees or Taxes

Besides being able to trust that we'll protect all of your personal information to the best of our ability, you can also trust that we will always be upfront and honest with you. And that extends to the prices on our site as well. You'll find no hidden fees and no hidden taxes. What you see is what you pay. Simple. But we digress...

Why don't you have a look around for yourself?

To help you get started we've collected a couple of our most popular pages:

Top Sellers

Curious as to what the rest of the SARAS6 Community is currently loving? Have a look at our Top Sellers. These are updated automatically with every sale so check often to get a feel for what's hot.

Some Ideas For You

Or perhaps you would like to see what is new at Yoyo Market. Check out our New Arrivals page to see everything we've added in the recent past. We add new products all the time so come back and check often!

Super Sales

We're always busy discounting various items. On what you ask? Things we love at prices you'll love. Enjoy!


Fresh Produce (coming soon..!)

saras6.com carries an extensive variety of imported fruits and vegetables along with some domestic produce as well. Delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables from all over the world. Carrots,potatoes, snap peas, avocados, asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, lemons, limes, blueberries are just a few of the many items likely to be in stock and ready to ship.

Organic Foods

Actually, who are we kidding? With so many great products to choose from, we have a lot of favorite categories. Case in point our Organic Foods section. Choose from a wide selection of Indian organic and ready­to­eat favorites and taste the difference for yourself!